Small Town

Being decisive

Sometimes I feel that I knew only two things in life with absolute certainty – 1) that I did not want to study Science and Maths ever, and 2) that I wanted to marry a man with certain (‘impractical’) traits.

In these two matters I showed remarkable wisdom. For in spite of scoring above 85 % in both subjects I was not in the least tempted to study anything but Literature. Of course, having sensible parents who did not force me really helped. How wise I had been I realised when I settled down in this small Northern town which gave me an opportunity to teach English and in the process, forge life long relationships.

The list I had rebelliously ( wasn’t keen on an arranged marriage) made about the qualities I absolutely wanted in the groom was long, and surprise surprise, A did not fit in there at all. But I had the wisdom to realise that a denim clad poet, totally unconservative, somewhat of a black sheep in his conservative bania community, was the missing piece in my life’s jigsaw puzzle and promptly said a happy Yes to him, when he popped the question( in an extremely unconventional way, may I add?).

Thirty five years later life flows along contentedly; meanders with hardly a whirlpool (only when Science and Technology intrude into my peaceful dinosauric existence) – a happy existence with nary a desire to proclaim We are made for each other. We know, and so do the others who know us 😉

If not for that wise decision, life wouldn’t be what I am enjoying now. I wouldn’t have noticed nuances in music, thought of cinematic long shots, read science fiction. I like it. The fact that he thinks just so, stands up for others and himself, believes that I can do things I am not sure I can. That he doesn’t denigrate others, has a calm centre, likes plants, has a great sense of humour and has friends I get along with wonderfully. Over the years I have learnt to take in my stride his Love and vociferous Defence of Gadgets, his devotion to computers (which ultimately benefits me!).

To return to my decision making ability, I have no doubt that it was all due to my voracious reading. I read my way to spectacles and back, and all that delving deep into Pearl Buck, Daphne du Maurier,  AJ Cronin at a tender age obviously helped form
the Me who could take unorthodox decisions.

And unorthodox brings me to the love of my life, who retired a few days ago. If one has to call an enthusiastic and energetic man retired, so be it! Now, more time to spend together, to look back at a life spent well, and of course, congratulate myself on my choice!

Drawing by our daughter