Small Town

A pet theory

A pet theory– most people fit into either of two categories: 

Those who hum as they work, and those who start humming another song loudly and continue till the former stops, unable to carry on her own tune.

Those who read books, and those who discuss the book without reading it.

Those who do their housework, and those who don’t but advise all about how to do it.

Those who pay the auto fare, and those who give loud instructions to the auto driver and co-passengers.

Those who foot the bill in restaurants and theatres, and those who squirm out of it but are still discontented.

Those who work and are unappreciated, and those who don’t but are praised.

Those who blow up balloons for parties, nursing their aching face muscles quietly, and those who burst the balloons energetically within minutes.

Those who work, and those who theorize.

Those who believe that everything is their fault, and those who believe such people.

Those who read the newspaper quietly, and those who hold forth about everything in it.

Those who attain a mature level of thinking early in life, and those who are immature even at 40 years of age.

Those who are embarrassed to ask for money that is theirs by right, and those who demand loans loud and clear.

Those who wear gold jewellery sparingly, and those who wear large amounts of costume jewellery.

Those who are in contact with childhood friends, and those who aren’t.

Those who like plants, and those who talk about liking plants.

Those who, as guests, make the host feel capable and appreciated, and those who leave the host feeling sad and incompetent.

Those who remember birthdays, and those who don’t.

Those who remember birthdays and wish, and those who remember but don’t wish!

Those who are humourous, and those who are devoid of humour.

Those who can’t sleep for hours during the day, and those who can.

Those who forget grudges and move on, and those who nurture grudges.

And those who belong mostly to the second category have a loud voice and are often crashing bores!                       


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