Neither shek nor moo. Just Love.

Love is one emotion that shouldn’t change over time, should it? Whichever era it may be, people in love must be having the same feelings -a desire to be together, to do something extra for the beloved, be it cooking a meal or saving money for a holiday together.

Years and years ago Hindi film heroines in love blushed, were overcome with shyness; sang ,or were the object of , the loveliest songs that compared the beloved to the moon and flowers and rain. Point made without embarrassing anyone. Children were in no way wiser and believed they were watching a Nature scene and adults did not have to answer awkward questions about Love.

Many years later, I fell in love. And felt many of the emotions I had seen on the screen earlier. The flowers and the moon suddenly took on a new meaning and looked lovelier. Songs took on a more personal meaning. Love came with a gentleness and pervaded our life. We lived songs sung by Rafi and Asha and Lata and Kishore…. Romance was very much in the air.

Love , I still feel, hasn’t changed much. Candid photographs of young people in love still show that softness and gentleness. But oh the songs!! How can ‘Moo yar bady, shek yar bady’ awaken romance and love? I see all the posings and posturings, the before- after- during- wedding shoots, the publicising and marketing of an emotion that makes the world go round and I die a little inside each time. I wish somebody would tell these youngsters that life is not lived only through the lens. Please give yourselves a chance to be actually in love with each other. Stop playing songs that require only foot stomping and body contortions in the name of love. Or save them for the gym.

Love is a soft, uplifting emotion that runs deep and long. Live it!